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Easy ICON Editor
ICON Editor is a small and easy-to-use icon editing program. It allows you editing a transparent or opaque icon. The sizes may be 16 X 16, 32 X 32, 48 X 48, 64 X 64 or custom it as you like. The colors may be Monochrome(1 bit), 16 colors(4 bits), 256 colors(8 bits) or true colors(24 bits). With this software, you may edit your own professional icons easily and quickly with the built-in editor. You may also extract an icon from an EXE or DLL file. You may import graphic file such as BMP, JPG or GIF and save it into icon file or export icon file to graphic file. A capture button allows you capturing any area on the screen to the editor for editing. Filters functions allow you processing the icon with special effects such as LIGHTEN, DARKEN, SOFTEN, SHARPEN, and more.

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Key Features include:
Support sizes 16 X 16, 32 X 32, 48 X 48, 64 X 64 and customizable
Support Monochrome (1 bit), 16 colors (4 bits), 256 colors (8 bits) and true color (24 bits)
Support capturing an icon area from screen
Fast, small and easy-to-use
Windows XP Compatible
Extract icon from DLL/EXE files
Import from or Export to graphic files BMP, JPG, GIF

Easy Graphic Converter
Easy Graphic Converter is software for converting graphic formats. It supports reading graphics of BMP, DIB, JPG, JPEG, GIF, ICO, ICB, PCX, PCD, PSP, PBM, PGM, PSD, PPM, PSG, PNG, VST, VDA, EMF, WMF, TIF, TIFF, WBMP, RLE, SGI, and more. It supports saving graphics to DIB, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, ICO, TIF, TIFF, WBMP, WMF, EMF, PNG, TGA, and more. It supports screen capturing with different ways. It supports more than 50 different special effects.
Easy Graphic Converter New version 2.50 was released!!
Download it here! (size: 2.1 MB)
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